Thursday, November 26, 2009

Count Your Many Blessers

One thing you can count on in many churches on the Sunday before Thanksgiving is that they'll be singing Count Your Blessings. You may know the hymn: "Count your blessings / name them one by one. / Count your blessings / see what God has done." It's a great hymn and a great reminder not to take our blessings for granted. Count them. Give thanks for them. Notice how you find God in them. It's a good hymn.
Could I propose another? How about this one: Count Your Blessers. When was the last time you did this? I'm going to do it right now.
  • A mother and father—though divorced when I was in the third grade—who did the best they could under the circumstances.
  • A grandmother who took my mother, my two brothers and me into her home when my mother left my dad. That woman took care of us. She also worked at the local high school. I still remember walking with her to school each morning and hanging out with her in the high school office until it was time to walk a little farther to the elementary school.
  • A pastor and family, the Prices, who took us under their wings as we were traveling the rough road of divorce.
  • A fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Dennis, who pulled me aside one day and told me she thought I was going to amount to something in the world because I had a good attitude. She spoke those words in 1966 and I've never forgotten them. Life words!
  • A junior high football coach, Mr. Cogdill, who believed in me enough to let me quarterback our team.
  • A few ministers who mentored me, fathered me, loved me, and gave me opportunities I could have never achieved on my own: Gary Fenton, Jack Enloe, Gilbert Spencer, Larry Baker, and Bob Meade.
  • Great friends—too many to name—who have encouraged me and challenged me and made me a better person than I would have been without them.
  • My wife Dayna who loves me unconditionally and who puts up with my cursed independent streak and my lifelong struggle of balancing my attention to the needs of the church with my attention her needs too.
  • Churches that have loved me and endured me and shaped me into the pastor I have become and am still becoming today. They deserved better.
  • And of course, the smiling face behind my many blessers: the face of God, Blesser in Chief, of my life and yours.

I could go on, but my granddaughter is hounding me to get off the computer so she can use it to do puzzles or something. So in this season of Thanksgiving, don't just count your blessings; count your many blessers too. And give thanks!

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  1. Great post, John. So much to be thankful for. And you, my friend, are a major blessing in my life, even long distance. Glad you are finally blogging. I look forward to following your thoughts and ideas.