Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Blessing

Everyone longs for the blessing—
those that say the do,
and those that say they don't.
Everyone longs for the blessing.

Is this not the message of Christmas?
God—hearing our cries for the blessing.
God—doing something about it.

God—wearing our skin.
God—feeling our passions.
God—sharing our temptations
yet resisting every one.

God—experiencing our suffering and our sorrows.
God—knowing us, really knowing us.
Not from the outside in,
but from the inside out;
and loving us just the same.
Not just in word either,
but in deed.
Do you see the nailprints
in His hands?

And the mystery is this:
When we were unacceptable
and could do nothing to clean up our act
or save our souls …
When we were unworthy of the blessing …
God came to us.
And through the life and death
of His Son Jesus Christ,
God made us acceptable.
I'm not okay and you're not okay,
But Jesus makes us okay.
We call that grace.

In Christmas
God came to us.
He came to give us
eternal life,
undeserved favor,
amazing grace,
and unfailing love.
God came to give us the blessing:
"To as many as received him,"
writes St. John,
"to them, he gave the power to become
children of God."

To them
He gives the blessing.

Open your eyes, weary souls,
you who long for the blessing,
The God who knows you best loves you most.
And He has something to say to you this Christmas:
"You are my beloved child in whom I am well-pleased."

Everyone longs for the blessing—
those that say they do
and those that say they don't.
Everyone longs for the blessing.

We'd like to get it from our parents,
but from parents it does not always come.
Will you listen to your heavenly Father?

It's an angel song.
Good tidings of great joy to all people,
and that means you.
For unto us a child is born,
unto us a Son is given,
Yonder there in David's town.

It is the Savior, Christ the Lord.
And with the Savior …
The Blessing.

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